Available Services

Available services:

  • On-farm conformation shoots - your location or ours
  • On-farm action shoots - your location or ours
  • Horse portraits involving individuals with their horses
  • Make your suggestions...!


For optimal results, the horses should be well-prepared, clean and - where suitable - trimmed or clipped. We recommend one consider never releasing images for public viewing which are presenting a horse in a less-than-perfect condition. This is of paramount importance when dealing with a commercial situation - either a horse for sale or a demonstration of training or performance for example. With the Internet, one has to consider that a photograph so released is "forever"!

We can travel to your facility to do shoots and assist you with setup, but great thought should be put into where the photographs are to be taken ahead of time. Don't forget that the photograph is not only of the horse and handler/rider, but is also of whatever is in the background behind them! While Photoshop or a similar editing program can remove inappropriate material, it is far better to not have it there in the first place - and Photoshop can only do so much!

Horses need to be manageable for the circumstances being photographed, and training "on the day" will often not produce the best results. Certainly, photographing a herd of mustangs coming in from the range may not require preparatory work, but if you plan on having the rider wearing a long flowing dress and carrying a parasol when seated upon the horse, there had better be some good homework done prior to the shoot, or the photos may not present the anticipated image - but could produce more action than desired!

As a final note - never underestimate fly spray! This can be a life-saver for all concerned!

For more details or to arrange or discuss a shoot, please contact us.