About Jos

About Jos Mottershead

A professional horseman for over 40 years, Jos was born in England and grew up in the countryside. His love of things equine and canine led him to emigrate to a job in Canada at the age of 21. His photographic interests grew, having developed a love for the art while hitch-hiking around Europe for a year prior to the emigration. Over the next 15 years, photography became more important as a commercial aspect grew from the hobby. In particular, Jos became well-known in the region for photographing Eventing and Horse Trials - sports in which he himself had competed.

Times changed and as many reading this will already be aware, Jos strayed away from photography and became heavily involved in the field of equine reproduction. In 1999 he started the eponymous business and website "Equine-Reproduction.com", and was joined in that venture shortly after by his wife Kathy St. Martin. With their move to Oklahoma where they now reside, matters became more settled and photography once again became a significant activity in Jos' life, with Kathy playing an increasingly important rĂ´le in the editing field. Digital photography had now become de facto and Jos moved from his old 35mm film Minolta "Maxuum" 7000 camera (shown with Jos in an early "selfie" photo at left from the 1980's!) to a Nikon D300s and then to a Nikon D810. These model cameras along with a variety of Nikkor lenses now represent Jos' "photographic equipment stable" while Kathy continues to work hard hidden behind the scenes doing an amazing job editing!